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Does Your Company Make Matching Gifts?

If you are donating to Mission MSA, your employer or your spouse’s employer may match your gift. Many companies make matching gifts, often dollar for dollar, to encourage their employees to donate to worthy causes. We strongly encourage you to follow the easy steps below to see if you can double the impact of your donation.

Please Note:

If you work for a larger corporation you might need to scroll on the results screen above to see all divisions of the company.


Not all companies that make matching gifts are on this list. If your company isn’t listed, please take your donation receipt to your human resources department and ask them if the company makes matching gifts.


Submit the completed matching gift form to:


Mission MSA
ATTN: Matching Gifts
1660 International Drive
Suite 600
McLean, VA USA 22102


(866) 737-4999


Thank you for doubling your impact in the fight against multiple system atrophy.