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Interested in raising funds and awareness for Mission MSA? Start an online fundraising page today!

Start a Fundraiser

CLASSY Fundraiser

What is Classy?

Classy is a highly-regarded third party fundraising platform that enables charities and their volunteers to easily set up online and live event fundraisers. Because you get your own web address for your page, it is easy to track donations and personalize content so you can tell your story and ask friends and family to support your cause. Just share your web address via email and social media.

Getting Started on Classy

  1. Go to Lets Support the MSA Coalition and select “Become a Fundraiser.”
  2. Follow the steps provided to join as an individual, join a team or create a team to support Mission MSA.
  3. Log in or Create an Account (you can use your Facebook account).
    Personalize your page by changing the text and uploading photos or videos on your personal fundraising page. We highly encourage you to customize the content. Telling your story about MSA is powerful and the best way to motivate your contacts to support the cause.
  4. Be the first person to donate to your fundraiser. After all, if you don’t donate to your own fundraiser can you expect others to do so?

Share Your Classy Fundraiser!

Now that your personal fundraising page is set up, you are ready to ask friends and family for donations. Share your fundraiser with all your family and friends.


Once the donations are processed, your donors will receive a confirmation page and a tax-receipt acknowledging their gift from Classy. Donations made through Mission MSA’s Classy page are fully tax deductible (whereas checks made out to you or your event are not).

Third Party Fundraiser

Interested in Hosting a Live Event?

A live event is an in-person event that people participate in to raise money for a cause, such as Mission MSA. Live events are fun and interactive, so people are more likely to want to join in and support! Depending on what type of event you are hosting, they can also be fairly easy and inexpensive to host, making live events very successful for fundraising.

What Type of Live Event Should I Host?

When deciding to host a live event, consider the time of year. For example, a polar bear plunge would not be very successful in July! Also consider who you are targeting with the live event. Are you hosting an open event for a large community or a smaller event with friends? A final consideration is the upfront cost. Hosting a large event at a venue (such as a bingo night or bowl-a-thon) may be more profitable in the long run, but you may have to pay to rent the venue if the company is not willing to donate their space in-kind.