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Mission MSA actively seeks out novel ideas and innovative approaches to address critical questions related to MSA diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. The Seed Grant Research Program invites professionals from around the world to apply for research funding for pathogenesis, biomarker, preclinical, and clinical studies. Explore the research grants funded in our most recent cycle below.


Your journey into the heart of MSA research begins here. Together, we are leading the charge to cure Multiple System Atrophy.

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Clinical, Diagnostic Biomarkers, Preclinical

Identification of prodromal, shared and discriminatory features in multiple system atrophy (MSA)

Henry Houlden, MD, PhD UCL
Clinical, Diagnostic Biomarkers, Pathogenesis, Preclinical

Development of non-human primate MSA model and imaging biomarker of mitochondrial activity in MSA

Norihito Uemura, MD, PhD, Kyoto University Hospital

The multi-omic landscape of oligodendrocytes in Multiple System Atrophy

Johannes Schlachetzki, MD, UCSD
Clinical, Pathogenesis

Detection of somatic single nucleotide variants and other small mutations in alpha-synuclein in multiple system atrophy brain

Christos Proukakis, PhD, FRCP, University College London
Clinical, Diagnostic Biomarkers, Pathogenesis

Investigation of inflammatory triggers and antigen-specific immunity in multiple system atrophy subtypes

Wouter Peelaerts, PhD, KU Leuven
Clinical, Diagnostic Biomarkers

Refining the clinical diagnosis of MSA-C and MSA-P using olfactory mucosa and skin samples

Fabio Moda, PhD, Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta