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The forefront of Mission MSA research is where innovation meets compassion. Our dedicated team of experts and passionate advocates are committed to unraveling the complexities of Multiple System Atrophy, a rare neurodegenerative disorder that demands our collective attention.

Through collaborative research, we aim to enhance early diagnosis, improve symptom management, and ultimately find a cure for MSA. Every participant, every project, and every contribution brings us one step closer to a world where MSA is no longer a formidable challenge.


Your journey into the heart of MSA research begins here. Together, we are leading the charge to cure Multiple System Atrophy.

Research Focus

Since 2013, Mission MSA (formerly The MSA Coalition) has funded 75 MSA-focused research projects for a total of $4.33 million. Our research projects usually fall under at least one of the following categories:


Uncovering the cause of MSA.

Diagnostic Biomarkers

Discovering methods for earlier and accurate diagnosis.


Evaluating the potential for the development of new treatments.


Facilitating clinical studies of potential treatments in MSA patients.

Research Steering Council

Our Research Steering Council (RSC) is the strategic leadership body for Mission MSA in the areas of research, clinical, and scientific initiatives.

How to Participate in
Multiple System Atrophy Research

Patient participation in research is critical to making progress for MSA. Whether it be discovering tools for earlier diagnosis, developing safe and effective disease modifying treatments, or finding a cure, research is a meaningful way to contribute.


In addition to potentially receiving a new treatment that is not yet available to the community, participants in research trials may also feel that they receive an elevated level of care. This is because they are evaluated more often, typically with multiple different tests, and are more frequently in contact with their study team compared to regular clinic visits.

Other Research-Related Resources

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Resource Library

Explore Mission MSA’s research resources tailored for patients and care partners. Let us guide you through the complexities of MSA research, providing insights, and keeping you updated on the latest advancements. Stay informed and connected with the evolving understanding of the disease.

Register in the Global MSA Registry (GLOMSAR)

It is very difficult to identify enough patients with a rare disease for research trials if they are not registered with a site that can dynamically identify patients meeting the research trial requirements. GLOMSAR not only allows you to share your information for future research studies but will also inform you of any research study or clinical trial for which you may qualify.

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About Brain Donation

There are two primary reasons to arrange to donate a multiple system atrophy patient’s brain. One is to confirm the diagnosis, and the other is to assist researchers in finding a cause, and ultimately a cure, for multiple system atrophy.